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Week 18| 2019: 10 Habits to Boost Workplace Productivity

I totally went outside my comfort zone last week and survived! I was asked a couple months ago to give two separate presentations on organization and they ended up being scheduled for the same week. No pressure 🙄 The first was a talk to a MOPS group about organizing small spaces and the organization of kids artwork & papers, and the second to employees of a local not-for-profit about environmental wellness {as it relates to workplace organization, productivity and time management}, along with helpful organization tips for the home and self care.

The second talk spurred this post. While I have assisted business professionals in organizing their spaces/offices, I had never been asked to discuss ways to increase workplace productivity by way of organization and time management. However, I think it's a topic that's helpful for so many of us.

Workplace Productivity


I mean really… does the thought if Monday morning and returning to work stress you out? Do you feel like no matter how productive you try to be it just never seems to work for you?

Here are some helpful habits to boosts workplace productivity:

1. Reduce workplace stress by knowing and managing your schedule {Look at it each morning so you know what to expect for the day, as well as the next day's schedule before leaving work. This will allow you to mentally prepare, too!}

2. Organize your work space at least once a week {With an organized space you'll spend less time searching for things you need.}

3. Be punctual - it's important to arrive a few minutes prior to your start time. As they say, “if you’re on time, you’re late.” Don't be late and don't keep others waiting on you.

It's also important to stay through the time you are to leave and not begin packing up in advance or skipping out early.

4. Focus on important tasks – prioritize! {While we all always seem to have a to-do list that’s a mile long, be sure you are completing those tasks that may be time sensitive first. If you aren’t sure or aware of deadlines, it's always best to follow up and ask!}

5. To-do lists can be helpful but be careful on how you prepare them and your expectations as they can cause you to become overwhelmed.

6. Develop the habit of using a planner or calendar to mark appointments, to-dos, meetings and more.

7. Do not say “YES" to everything when asked to take on more tasks or to help others {It's important to make sure you will be able to manage your current workload before taking on additional tasks.}

8. Don't waste time gossiping and socializing in the office {Ever wonder where your day goes? Do you spend too much time chatting it up with co-workers?}

9. Don’t answer unwanted calls and emails when you are able to do so. Selecting a few times a day to review your email is a good practice, rather than constantly responding to emails as they arrive in your in box when you may have other tasks that you need to be tending to.

10. Avoid personal work at the office whenever possible {like bill paying, personal phone calls, emails and texting, social media, etc.}

Still not sure where your days are slipping away to? Keep a timed list for a few days of how/where your spending your time which will help you make adjustments accordingly.

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