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Week 25| 2019: Purging Mental & Emotional Baggage for an Organized Life & Mind

When we think organization, we often only think about material possessions and our spaces but GOOD LORD… what about our minds?! Do you ever think about all that we carry around mentally and how that impacts our day-to-day life? It’s a lot, especially if we’re the type that likes to pack all that $hit up and drag it along with us rather than letting it go.

Baggage from the Past, Not your Future

Life is really hard. We all have this vision of what it should look like, yet we all come from somewhere with some “stuff” and then often we meet someone else that has some other vision with their own “stuff”… then you mix in your current reality with all that baggage you’ve been carrying along – makes for a pretty interesting combo. Yowzer.

While we don’t necessarily need to publicly hash out every detail of our lives – each part of our lives {childhood, adolescence, college years, early adulthood, etc.} and existence shapes us into the people we are. Sometimes the experiences can be damaging or have a dramatic impact. Rather than letting those experiences negatively shape you, use them to create the person you want to be. Seek out the appropriate avenues to deal with any issues that may be holding you back or that may have had a negative impact on your life {or those life experiences that continue to have a grip on you despite you wanting to escape their control}.

When you’re not able to manage your own issues/baggage, it makes relationships with others difficult. Often you can project your own issues/baggage on to those you love and care for only pushing them away. No one wants to be someone’s emotional/verbal punching bag regardless of how much they care for you. You need to get to a place where you can do some self-reflection and release all the negative things that are impacting your life {especially if they are from your past}.

There are others of us who suffer from being people pleasers and not being able to say no. Often when you dig in to see where that comes from you’ll find that somewhere in your past there may have been a time when things in your world may have been unsettled {perhaps in your childhood, teen years, etc} and a way for you to keep the peace in those situations/make everyone happy was to say “YES” and do all/be all to everyone. This is unrealistic. Yet as adults we continue this pattern. We often find ourselves feeling guilty when we are unable to commit to helping others {either friends, at work, in the community, on a board, etc.} and having to say “no”, not realizing that it is perfectly ok to not over commit yourself. It’s ok to say “no” for whatever reason or NO reason at all. In other situations, perhaps you’ve found it best not to deal/subject yourself to certain people or groups, yet still feel guilty saying “no” or setting boundaries to protect yourself from what may result from saying “yes.”

Whatever your situation – take a moment to reflect. Take a moment to think about whether you, too, are carrying around a little too much baggage? And if you are, think about how you are going to let it go and what that’s going to look like for you. Think about how that baggage may be impacting your life and your relationships.

TRUST me when I say I know all to well about this topic. By nature I am a “fixer” and a “dweller”. I want everyone to get along. I don’t easily get over difficult situations. I have these wild visions of what life should look like & how everything should be… yet somehow, it’s not. The reality is that’s ok. Life isn’t perfect – nor are the people in our lives. I have gone to counseling & therapists – I have read all the self-help books… I have had difficult conversations with family/people when necessary. While I sometimes wonder if those conversations fall on deaf ears, I have to understand that there is nothing more that I can do other than release what I cannot control.

Repeat after me… The therapist has been seen… the conversations have been had… let that $hit go. Release the baggage.

Start organizing your mind/life. Start living life to the fullest & get past the guilt; expectations; your mistakes; others’ mistakes; negativity; whatever it is that’s holding you back from moving forward and living your best life.


Did you know... sometimes too much mental & emotional baggage can keep us from managing our day-to-day lives and organizing our possessions? We also may keep possessions as a result of things that have happened in our past which have resulted in making it difficult for us to part with things OR perhaps having a need to constantly acquire new things. Sound familiar? Need help getting organized? Let's chat - or 585.749.3493

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