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Week 11|2019: The Ultimate Guide to Mail & Paper Organization

It's already March… what in the world?! I have to say I am thankful for that! Looking forward to more hours of daylight and SPRING which will hopefully will be on the way not long after the date appears on the calendar 🤞. That also means we are just about a month away from TAX day 🙄. Which leads us to all things documents….the mail, important documents, what to keep, what to toss, how long to keep, all the things. And… putting a system in place to make it all work.

Mail & Paper Organization

This was high on the list of requests for blog posts for 2019 – lucky for you all, I've covered these topics in my first year of blogging {perhaps you missed them 🤷‍♀️ so we're doing a little recap this week}.

First up… that mountain of mail. Please know that even Professional Organizers get super busy and occasionally have a pile of mail that stacks up. The key is to have a system in place which will help eliminate that pile from happening {or at least on most days}. Looking for all the details on getting your mail in order? You can find them ➡️ here

Once the mail is organized, it's time to bring a little organization and a fling system to your desk/office. It's also important to consider how long various documents should be kept. A simple guide for your reference can be found below. Details for Office/File Organization can be found ➡️ here

Important Document Retention

Finally, a Command Center can make some of the above tasks a little easier to manage on the daily. Command Centers look different for every family and their locations vary, as well. Ours happens to be located by our back entry. We keep a whiteboard family calendar; hanging files for incoming/outgoing mail; etc. This allows everyone the ability to see what's going on as they are coming and going. Command Center details are ➡️ here


If this all sounds too overwhelming to you, Orderly by Danica can help. It's best to break down each of the above topics/tasks into steps. Once you've gained control of the pile of mail; work on office and file organization; and finally putting together a space in your home where all the info/papers can be managed on the daily before they make their way to their final destination {a command center}.

Don’t like locally? Orderly by Danica can help you through the process virtually.

Contact Orderly by Danica today at 585.749.3493 or at

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