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Week 10|2019: A New Way to Think About Kitchen Organization

Do you ever feel like your kitchen cupboards and drawers are constantly in need of organization?! You get a few in order and then suddenly there's more to be done? Organization is a continual process. It's important to have systems in place but more important that everyone follows the systems 😉. I realize this feels nearly impossible when you have a family. We live the same struggles with organization in our house, even with a Mama as a Professional Organizer.

You know the story... you ask your kids to empty the dishwasher and suddenly the measuring cups are in the cupboard instead of in the drawer; the bowls are thrown in another cupboard instead of neatly nested inside one another; forget finding your favorite spatula - that's long gone, perhaps in the utensil jar on the counter or in the silverware drawer... if not there in another drawer with other miscellaneous utensils. You just never know where you'll find things when the kids are asked to put things away. And I often wonder - do they do that so they don't get asked again? Or do they really think that system of putting things away is truly acceptable? I explain OVER and OVER again that doing things incorrectly will NOT get them out of doing them again in this house so best to learn to do it the right way. Sighhhhh -

I recently went to pull the dishwasher detergent from under the kitchen sink and was like whoa… what is going on down here? Four boxes of dishwasher detergent – two of which were empty… and a whole lot of other crap. So who used the last of the dishwasher detergent and decided it was ok to leave the empty boxes under the sink - a mystery. Regardless, it was time to pull out all the things and do a little refresh.

The steps are easy & only takes a few minutes:

1. Remove everything from the cupboard {or drawer} and wipe it down

2. If using storage containers, scrub them down and clean them, as well.

3. Sort through all the items discard any accordingly.

4. Reorganize all the items in their place.

Cupboard Organization

This process can be repeated for each drawer and cupboard in your kitchen. Perhaps you don’t have time to tackle them all at once, that's ok – set a timer for 30 minutes and you'll be amazed at what you can accomplish. When you think about kitchen organization being done in small increments you will be more likely to tackle the cupboards & drawers that need attention.

Kitchen Drawer Organization

I did just that in our kitchen and was able to do under the sink and three drawers which resulted in nearly a bag of trash. Don’t be afraid to purge things that are no longer being used. {We had a small collection of cookie cutters taking up space in our drawer and the reality is we NEVER make cookies in our house, ever. Bye, bye cookie cutters. No more keeping things for someday or what if… } The end result is suddenly having all the cupboards & drawers back in order. BUT remember - organization - regardless of the space, is a continuance process.


Not in a place to do small timed organization sessions in your kitchen yet and looking for complete kitchen organization? Orderly by Danica can help - email at or via phone at 585.749.3493

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