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Week 9|2019: Important & Emergency Information - All in One Place

Has the thought ever crossed your mind that there could be an emergency at any given moment and you may not be prepared with the proper information? The reality is that in an emergency situation, we certainly aren't thinking of what information we should have handy. However, a little preparation in advance could change all that.

Although I hadn't thought about it much before, there was a medical emergency involving my Dad recently that spurred these thoughts. Suddenly we had to have a list of all his meds - thankfully we were at their home still so it was easy to compile but what if we weren't? I certainly wouldn't have known all the medications he has to take and quite honestly, I am not sure my Mom could recall every last one off the top of her head.

Do you have a list of all the medications you or your family members {children} may he taking? While I know what medications we take, they are not written down anywhere. This thought led me to think of all the other information that could be needed in an emergency situation and of course… led me to start preparing such info to save in a document in my Dropbox. Dropbox allows you to easily access documents from wherever, whenever - even from your phone.

What if your wallet was stolen... would you have all your credit card information handy?

For all those What If situations... are you prepared?

Wondering what information you should include… {here is a good place to start}

Family/Health Info:

  • Name/Addresses/Phone Numbers of Relatives & Close Friends

  • Doctor{s}, along with contact info

  • Dentist, along with contact info

  • Eye Doctor, along with contact info

  • Nearest Hospital

  • List of Medications for Each Family Member

  • Health Insurance Information


  • Veterinarian's Name, Address & Telephone Number

  • List of any medications your pet{s} may be taking

Important Financial Information:

  • Credit Card Information, along with telephone number for credit card company {It's important to know the name on the card as well}

  • Your Banking Institution and telephone number {Along with account information}

  • Retirement Account Information/Contact Info

  • Life Insurance Information/Contact Info

Other Miscellaneous Businesses/Services:

  • Local Water District and Telephone Number

  • Electric & Gas Company, Telephone Number and account number

  • Security System Company and Telephone Number

  • Locksmith and Telephone Number

  • Plumber and Telephone Number

  • Electrician and Telephone Number

  • Roadside Assistance and contact information

  • Local Insurance Agent and Telephone Number


Do you already have a list of Important & Emergency Information prepared? If yes, what other information have you included on your list? I'd love to hear - send me a note at

Looking to put together a list but don't know where to start? Let's chat - I can be reached at or 585.749.3493

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