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Week 7|2019: When It Pays to Prepare ~ Under the Weather Essentials

Oh Good Heavens…. We were struck with some sort of PLAGUE this past week {well it actually started last weekend} but continued through much of the week for our house. It was AWFUL - fevers, coughs, runny noses, vomiting. We had it ALL.

Under the Weather Essentials

Are you prepared when illness strikes your home?! There is nothing worse than when illness hits and you don’t have necessary staples in the house, especially when the Mama is the one who is down & out. {In Ben's defense he was super helpful while I was in bed and unable to continue with my normal duties.}

As I was in bed feeling like death on Tuesday I thought about how more often than not our house is NOT prepared for illness. Of course, this time around I was all ready as Ben had been sick over the weekend so we were all stocked up … I had made chicken soup; plenty of fluids with water, Gatorade, ginger ale; enough over the counter meds for an army; the thermometer was handy; etc.

But wouldn’t it be lovely if we can have a little arsenal prepared at all times for occasions like this {yes… this is how my brain functions even when I am lying in bed feeling like complete garbage. How can we be sure that everything/everyone is covered when illness strikes?! And so it happens, another blog post.}

Below is a list of some of the items we like to have on hand at the Smith house:


Under the Weather Essentials



Cold/Flu Medication

Fluids (water, Gatorade, ginger ale, tea, popsicles if you have little kiddies, etc.)

Bland Foods (jello, toast, rice, applesauce, saltines, etc.)


Hand Sanitizer

Clorox Wipes/Thieves Cleaner

Heating Pad/Rice Bag



While it makes sense to have such items on hand year round, they seem to be in higher demand in the winter months. It’s also important to keep the items where they are easy to locate when needed. Over the counter medications and the thermometer can be kept in the same location (typically in the kitchen or the bathroom); foods/cleaners in the kitchen; and Kleenex/hand sanitizer in the living room.

And I am not sure about the rest of you but when someone in our household goes down with an illness I go wild wiping down everything with Thieves Cleaner and/or Clorox Wipes if we're out of Thieves. We also diffuse Thieves or Purification to rid the air of germs! Of course it doesn't stop there.... then there is the endless loads of laundry to wash bedding & living room blankets. Who wants those germs lingering around any longer than necessary.

What are the essentials in your home when illness strikes? Are they generally on hand or is it a mad dash to the store?

PSA: Despite having all the things at home - there are times when medical attention should be sought and a visit to the doctor and/or pharmacy may be necessary. It's important to use your best judgment when you or your family are sick.

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