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Week 6|2019: Why Your Recipe Organization May Be Holding You Back in the Kitchen

I have got to say THANK YOU again to my readers for providing me with topics for 2019... yet another that I hadn't really thought of, Recipe Organization. And well, if you looked at how I organized my recipes you would see that I, too, could use a little help when it comes to organizing my recipe collection. I have loads of cookbooks, a recipe box {because doesn't everyone need a recipe box?!}, a Pinterest board FILLED with recipes, and then.... the manila file folder stuffed full with printed recipes and torn pages from magazines {not ideal}.

Recipe Organization

So where does one start when organizing recipes? There are ENDLESS ways to go about it. I made the mistake of googling "recipe organization." DON'T DO IT unless you want your brain overloaded with a million suggestions. How do you choose what's right for you? My go to is always SIMPLE, keep it simple.

You're probably thinking why on earth does it matter if your recipes are even organized? Have you ever gone to find a recipe {perhaps at the last minute} and can't remember where it is, what cookbook it's in, etc. Well, that would be why we want to organize the recipes. Not to mention how simple it can make meal planning {have read the posts about meal planning yet? You can check them out here and here...}. Think of how nice it would be to flip through your recipe box; binder & cookbooks for fresh menu planning ideas!!

While I am a Professional Organizer I was struggling a bit to come up with the best plan to organize my own recipes - mainly the ones shoved inside that manila folder. Ekkkk. I came across some great suggestions on Real Simple while searching online - click here for link. SO helpful. After all, what works for me may not work for you & your collection of recipes.

The solution for all those recipes in that manila folder... a binder with dividers and page protectors divided into categories.

Categories for the Recipe Binder:






Side Dishes

Take Out Menus

{I've got to admit I am not really a baker so I have very few dessert recipes and the ones I do have aren't printed... after all, isn't that what Danny Wegman is for?! Therefore there is no Dessert tab in our binder. However, you can create whatever categories work best for your collection of recipes.}

{Materials needed for Recipe Binder: a binder, page dividers & page protectors}

Recipe Box, Cookbooks

Other Great Tips:

  • Mark the pages/recipes in your cookbooks that you use the most frequently. {You can use Post it flags, a binder clip, a paper clip... anything to help you easily flip to it}

  • Write the Names of the Recipes/along with the Name of the Cookbook you use most often on a Recipe Card and file them accordingly in your recipe box. i.e. Beef Stroganoff, Better Homes & Garden Cookbook, pg. XX filed with Entrees/Dinners {I would have never thought of this idea but I love it, especially if you have a collection of cookbooks which would make remembering where your favorite recipes are difficult}

  • Rather than keeping an entire magazine for one recipe, tear out the recipe & add it to your recipe binder {think of all the space you'll save}

  • Look at your collection of cookbooks, if there are ones you do not use - DONATE! Less is more


Does this all sound too overwhelming? Orderly by Danica can help with all your organization needs - looking to get your kitchen & recipes in order? Call today! 585.749.3493 or email

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