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Week 3 | 2019: Mamas, How to Take Back Your Master Bedroom Without Feeling Guilty

What do you do when the Master Bedroom becomes the dumping ground for all things in the house… including the kiddies things?! You need to get busy organizing & finding new homes for ALL THE THINGS and then do your very best to get things in order. As parents, we deserve to have our own quiet little space to go to SANS everything family. AND DO NOT FEEL GUILTY ABOUT IT!!! If you have little kiddies that insist on returning to your room with all their things, begin to gently remind them that this space is for Mommy and Daddy and redirect their things to other family spaces. It’s OK, this does not make you a bad parent, I PROMISE.

Master Bedroom Refresh

I mean how on earth do we unwind when we go into our bedroom only to find a baby doll hiding under the covers, step on a pile of legos in the middle of the floor, a pile of dirty clothes from one of them changing into their jammies. TRUST me, we were there once upon a time and I thought I was going to lose my mind. It was our therapist who was like, whoa sister… that space needs to be your own and I am telling you she could not have been more correct!

That’s not to say that our kids did not ever come in our room when they were little but what did happen was they learned that whatever came in with them, went out. Sure it will take a little time to get them on the same program but it can work.

{Ummm, kinda... that's all well & fine but even still years after that therapist's advice there seems to be miscellaneous random crap that finds it way into our room. See the photo below - somehow our daughter thought I wanted a pink organizer that she was no longer going to use; a hat?; random books that she left on my bedside table from who knows when... I can't remember the last time she read AG anything but anyways. Yes - it takes LOTS of re-directing, however, it's worth it to have our own space.}

Master Bedroom Clutter

In the meantime, you need to work on decluttering what may be clogging up your bedroom and relocating the items to where they belong in your home. Kids clothes/toys to their bedrooms; extra blankets to the family/living room; books/papers to the home office or living room depending on the nature of the items; etc. Now don’t start running things to each space one item at a time… make piles for areas that items need to be relocated to and then work on relocating once all the sorting is complete. {If your mind works anything like mine I would walk to the kids’ rooms to relocate items and then find myself in their rooms for four hours doing lord knows what?! Stay focused!!}

Master Bedroom Before/After

Once you’ve decluttered the extras from your room – start evaluating what’s left behind. Be critical, if it doesn’t bring you joy or weighs you down, get rid of it. {Whoa... I went to town on my costume jewelry, ekkk!} You want to create a space that you look forward to escaping to each evening, not one that you dread walking into because of all the stuff. If you aren’t quite sure where to go with it, picture in your mind what you want your space to look like. {Or hop on Pinterest for a little inspiration.} That often provides motivation to continue organizing/cleaning the space.

Master Bedroom

Ideally our bedrooms should only include our bed, a side table, dresser{s} and perhaps a chair/space to relax. Think simple. Keep the tops of the dressers and tables free of too much stuff. Extra stuff creates clutter in our minds and again, that is the last thing we need when we are going to our room at night.

Another essential is your bedding – find bedding that makes you feel good. And with bedding that you love, you’ll find that you WANT to make your bed and have everything in order. Making your bed is a GREAT way to start the day – just think, it’s one small accomplishment you can check off your list first thing in the morning. If you accomplish nothing else in the day, you’ve at least made your bed {And… who doesn’t love to crawl into a freshly made bed each evening?!}


Are you still not sure how to take back your space and make it your own? Orderly by Danica can help with all your organization needs. Feel free to reach out at or 585.749.3493

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