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Week 51| It's The Most Wonderful Time of the Year...

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

Or something?! I feel like the month of December has been flying by... actually the entire year has flown by. Here we are just couple short weeks away from 2019?! How in the world is that even possible 🤔

I'm still here wondering how to wrap up all the things I need to do to make Christmas complete and wondering if that's ever going to happen. Just when I think I'm done I remember something else still lingering on the list.... sighhh.

And as I mentioned last week, Ben and I are hosting our family for Christmas Eve this year. That has sent me in an overdrive cleaning frenzy - as if anyone ever looks to see if your baseboards have been wiped down, your windows washed, etc... Yes, because I needed a few more things to do this past weekend 😂 On top of that I was lured in by Target and their holiday bathroom decor. Yep, because the Smiths need another shower curtain and bath mats about as much as we need more bedding in our house. 🙄 But it's Christmas I said and we're hosting, let every room in the house look festive. {and well of course you can't put up a new shower curtain without scrubbing down the ENTIRE bathroom} And you can't have new bathroom décor without a new message on your message frames... {see above photo}.

Holiday Bath Mat & Shower Curtain

My list of to-dos from last week have decreased in some ways but I always seem to find ways to add more right back to it. Yep, I've got problems.

I promised myself last week that I was going to enjoy these last couple weeks before the holidays... coffee with friends, movie night with girlfriends, annual trip to Corning with other friends, Cookie Exchange {I'll be honest, I don't bake - I go to enjoy the company & cocktails. Thanks, Eileen!!}. Not even the longest of to-do lists are going to stop me from taking a minute to enjoy life.

Girls Day in Corning

The reality is that makes for some early mornings - to get the sales tax info for Ben's business to the accountant, to complete the holiday cards for Ben's business, the laundry, the lunches, bill paying, blog post planning... you know - life. We're all busy & we all want to fit in all the things. I honestly don't mind the 5 or 6 am alarm and the quiet of our house at that hour. It's amazing how much you can accomplish then, too!!


With all that said... I want to thank you all for following along on my first FULL year of blogging 😊 I would love to hear what topics you would find helpful for 2019. I created a short survey that you can find by clicking the link here.


In addition, a goal of mine for 2019 is to grow my following on Facebook and Instagram for blogging purposes. I would be forever grateful if you shared my content and pages with your friends/family and invited them to like/follow along. We can all use a little organization in our lives.

Thank you & Happiest Holidays to you & yours!


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