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Week 49| Refrigerator Refresh in 30 Minutes or Less

It's Holiday Season and there's nothing worse than going to the fridge to grab something only to find that it's expired?! Or worse maybe when it's a guest that goes to the fridge & grabs that expired something. NOOOOOOOOOO!! Don't be that host/hostess!

Ben & I are actually hosting Christmas Eve for his family this year. Yep, after I had just bragged it up in my Thanksgiving post about how I never have to host holidays, we're hosting a holiday. I took one look in our fridge this weekend and could have easily been that hostess with the expired items in the fridge. The thought of a guest grabbing an expired item was frightening {or maybe embarrassing} to me. So it was a refrigerator refresh to the rescue!

Refrigerator Refresh

I promise you that this little refresh can be done in 30 minutes or less regardless of what shape your refrigerator is in. That includes cleaning out all the old/expired items & completely wiping down the entire fridge {and even scrubbing the bins from the doors with warm soapy water!} and putting it all back together! The key is not to spend too long deciding what should be kept & what should be tossed, simply keep moving along! Ready to get started? Follow the simple steps below:


1. Start at the TOP of the refrigerator and work your way down.

2. Toss any items that are expired or are not going to be used within the given expiration date.

3. Wipe down the shelves as you go with a cleaning product of your choice {we prefer Young Living Thieves Cleaner}.

4. Take out the bins from the door(s) and scrub them in warm, soapy water, then leave them to dry.

5. Continue to the fruit/vegetable drawers, remove all items from inside, wipe down the drawers and remove from the refrigerator to wipe down underneath them.

6. The remaining drawer in our refrigerator is the "Cool Select Pantry Drawer" - follow the steps in #5 above. {Below this drawer was the worst as it is the bottom of the fridge which collects any spills from the entire refrigerator. Sadly I wasn't aware there were even spills before today - I'm guessing it was the result of the kids??}

7. Once you've completely wiped down/cleaned out the refrigerator, you're ready to put back all the things. {Sadly for us there was very little to put back in once I got done... the refrigerator was in need of the refresh more than I had imagined. Oops!}

{You should note that the garbage can get heavy depending on what you are tossing out so a few trips to the outside trash may be necessary.}


Do you have some organization & cleaning that needs attention before the holidays? Orderly by Danica can help - 585.749.3493 or email at


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