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Week 46| Thanksgiving Holiday Hosting Made Simple

It's almost here... are you ready?! I know I am not but the good news is that I don't have to host! Nor have I ever. That's what you call LUCKY!!

But for those who do the honors and are still struggling to get it all together - here are some great tips from Southern Living Magazine to get you on the right track {because after all, what do I know about hosting actual Thanksgiving dinner...we'll leave it to the Pros on that} Click here.

I am more of the take along a side dish or dessert kind of girl. And I've got that responsibility down. {Even better are appetizers!} Looking for some great make ahead Insta-Pot Thanksgiving recipes... Click here.

Thanksgiving Hosting

It's ok to divide up responsibilities when it comes to the holidays - the meal prep doesn't need to be left up to the host alone. In addition, drinks could be brought along by another guest to check one item off the host's list of things to do. Perhaps napkins and other paper products could be brought by another guest to be used for dessert. Desserts could be covered by others... and the list goes on.

For the host/hostess - it's often easiest to start cleaning/organizing your house the weekend prior to Thanksgiving to ensure you give yourself enough time to get all the necessary spaces in order. This will also give you an opportunity to determine whether you need any last minute décor items; etc. A day or two before Thanksgiving you may start to think about setting the table or gathering the items needed for the tablescape. Whatever you do... DO NOT LEAVE IT ALL FOR THE DAY OF!

Now... what about house guests? Are you actually hosting overnight guests? It's important to get in touch with them prior to their arrival to get all the details worked out. Communication is essential!

  • When are they arriving & how long will they be staying?

  • Do they have transportation or will they require it?

  • Do they have other plans while they are in town?

  • Food... are there any allergies? How will you be handling meals?

It's important for you, as the host, to communicate your schedule/routine to your guests while they're in town. Let them know ahead of time of the sleeping arrangements that have been made and be sure that their space is adequately cleaned. In addition, be sure they have a clean bathroom/linens to use, that there are extra toiletries/essentials, as well as a clean & well stocked kitchen. It's important that your houseguests feel comfortable & at home.


Not sure how you're going to do it all? Don't be afraid to ask for help! Either from family or call in extra help! Happy Thanksgiving! Enjoy the holidays with your family & loved ones.

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