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Week 43| Clothing - Swapping Seasons

Oh my Gawwwd!! We were away for a week and came back to what feels like nearly winter! What on earth happened to FALL?! Nothing makes you think about swapping out clothing for the season faster than a few 30 & 40 degree mornings. Yowzer.

Not everyone has unlimited closet space to have everything out all the time {sadly, I think even if my closet was larger I would still have an issue with storage, ekkk! My shopping hiatus didn't last nearly long enough.} so as It appears that shorts and bathing suits aren't needed until next summer in Western New York... it's time sort through them all and pack them away.

Clothing - Swapping Seasons

Prior to packing them away - give them a quick run through to see if there are any you no longer use; if there are any that no longer fit; if there are any that are stained or damaged; and purge those that no longer serve you. There is no point in storing away things that you won't be using again in the future. For those that you'll be keeping, neatly fold & store away the items in a tote for next season. {Be sure that the items are CLEAN prior to storing them away.}

Now you're working with a blank slate from where your summer clothing was to where your fall/winter clothing will be. Before pulling out every single piece and neatly folding them away; use the same criteria as above... will you still use the item; does it still fit; is it stained or damaged... don't put anything out for the season that you will no longer be wearing/using. If it no longer serves you - donate! {Or toss if it's not donation worthy.}

{For the Mamas... it's a great time to go through your kiddies summer items, too & decide whether they are keepers, will they be used for another kiddie, passed along to friends/family or donated. Then on to the fall & winter clothes - only bring out what fits your kiddies or what is going to. Don't waste space on stained/damaged clothing, items that are too small, etc.}

It felt SO good to go through my sweaters before neatly folding and putting them all away. There were plenty that were tossed away {not even worthy of donating}, along with sweatshirts & scarves that have seen better days. Those items that are loved just little beyond being donation worthy. {The ones that you are almost embarrassed still exist in your wardrobe... the I can't part with them but I know that I should. Mine are ALL gone now.}

Bring on the cold weather - my wardrobe is fall & winter ready! And I am ready for all the cozy sweaters & vests, ponchos … and lets not forget the BOOTS!

Fall & Winter Wardrobe Ready

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