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Week 42| Our Happy Place - Outer Banks, NC {all the things to do/places to go & our favorite pla

We all have that one place we've visited that we just can't seem to get enough of - for the Smiths that one place would be the Outer Banks, NC. We {sort of} randomly chose this spot in 2007 when looking for a beach vacation. We had done Myrtle Beach a couple of times and it just wasn't the "beachy" feel we were going for. I recalled someone once mentioning to me that their family vacationed in OBX & loved it so we figured "what the heck."

Our Happy Place

If you know me at all, you know that it was completely planned out. I looked into all the vacation rental companies; all the little towns; what was available in each place; etc. At the time our kiddies were 2.5+ and 4 years old so a house was essential to make napping/sleeping more manageable for everyone. {Who wants to go to bed at 8 p.m. when the kids go to bed?! Which is what sometimes happens if you have to stay in a hotel with little kiddies.} The bonus of staying in a house was that Ben & I could lounge around the pool with Brennan while Camryn napped.

And so it came to be... we booked a house through Twiddy & Co. in the Four Seasons development in Duck and have booked with them all but one year that we have been down there. {Last year we did flex booking with Sun Realty and stayed in Kill Devil Hills.} There were many factors we considered in deciding on the development that we have come to LOVE... the distance of the houses to the beach; the playground; the community outdoor pool; the community center which has an indoor pool, workout center, tennis courts & basketball courts; and it's a quick walk to all the shops/restaurants in Duck. All which make vacationing super relaxing.

{Some of the houses we've stayed in: Sun Ray's; Takeitezie; Dawn Treader; White Caps; Wright at Home; No Worries Mate; Coastal Comfort; and Picture Perfect. To view the houses or to pick one for your family go to}

Since we have been vacationing in the Outer Banks for so many years it feels as though we've done all the things & know where everything is. It makes vacationing so much more enjoyable when you aren't having to plug in an address into your GPS to get somewhere because you're already familiar with the area. Or not feeling like you have to rush around to cram a million adventures into one week because you've already done many of them.


Some of our favorite adventures {things to do/places to go}:

Wild Horse Tours

Wild Horse Tour on the 4x4 beaches: While there are a number of tour companies, we've always used Back Country Safari Tours each year we've done a tour & have had great guides and luck seeing horses. If you're looking for an adventure - we'd highly recommend a tour! {They also offer other tours.}

Dolphin Tour

Jockey's Ridge

Jockey's Ridge {a most amazing sight, more sand than you can ever imagine seeing in one place!}

Miniature Golf - there are many to choose from but our favorite has always been Lost Treasure in KDH

Massages at your rental house by Barefoot Massage {book in advance for an afternoon or evening to pamper yourself in the privacy of your own rental home, no need to even go out.}

North Carolina Aquarium

North Carolina Aquarium {we have gone more than once but the kids really enjoyed it when they were younger}

Elizabethan Gardens

OBX Lighthouses

Our favorite places to eat:

Kill Devil Grill {get there on Friday at 11:30 for the most AMAZING fried chicken you've ever had! And the Key Lime Pie - a must.}

The Black Pelican {Kitty Hawk}

Duck Deli {Duck}

Coastal Cantina {great Mexican for lunch or dinner along the boardwalk in Duck}

Duck Donuts {you'll never think of donuts the same EVER again...}

La Dolce Vita {Corolla}


Regardless of the weather, there is always something to do! If you're looking for a new vacation spot - check out the Outer Banks. We PROMISE you won't be disappointed.


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