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Week 41| Confession {We Let Our Kids Miss School for Family Vacation}

It's vacation week for the Smiths! One of our very favorite weeks of the year - and I realize you're probably thinking a multitude of things right now {because I have heard it all}...

  • You're taking your kids out of school?

  • You're taking vacation in October?

  • Who takes their kids out of school a month into the school year?

And welp… the answer is YES and WE DO! And we don't feel all that bad {ok, not bad at all} about it. It started in 2007 when our kiddies were just itty bitties and quickly became a family tradition. I remember questioning the decision more than once when they started school but was told by someone I truly respect that our children will get far more out of a family vacation than missing four days of school. {I've held on to those words and remind myself of that conversation when others question our decision.}

Family Vacation

Sure October is not the ideal month for families to be vacationing, however, we live in Western New York and my husband is self-employed as a landscaper. His busiest months of the year are April - November, with the craziest months during the summer. As such there are no week long summer trips for the Smith family.

I know this probably sounds crazy to many, even more so if you are employed by someone other than yourself and your employment is not weather dependent. That luxury doesn't exist when you are self-employed- there are no paid vacation days {except the money you've set aside for vacation to "pay yourself" while not working} and you certainly aren't taking time off during the most lucrative months of the year or there will be no vacations. {So before you judge our vacation plans or our kids missing school... stop to think about this.}

So yes... it's 2018 and we have a 15 and 13 year old who have missed four days of school each October since they started school. Twenty years from now are they going to remember the four days they missed of school each year or the week long memories they had year after year? I'm quite certain school won't even be on their radar. Thus the reason we've continued our family tradition.

Time vs. Money

This year when the conversation came up about whether we were going to be going away, the kids were the first ones who said YES to the trip. They are fully aware that they are responsible for their school work while we are away and following up with their teachers when returning if they had any difficulties with anything. This year they even took it upon themselves to let their teachers know the vacation dates & to collect their assignments. I had zero interaction with the school to prepare for our adventures. {I must be doing something right?!}

Why am I writing this post? To tell you to plan the trips, live your life & don't worry about what others think.

Again, Ben works extremely hard to provide for us. Not just for vacations and weekends away but all the things. It is OUR family and WE get to make the decisions for our ourselves and our children. This is what works for us.

Go on... enjoy these years, soon they will be over. Don't let what others think influence what feels best for your family. Until they are paying your bills, raising your kids, etc.... their opinions of your life really don't matter.


Wondering how we pack/plan for vacation? Follow this link

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