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Week 40| New to Professional Organizers? Here's What You Need to Know...

While I have been doing Professional Organization for a few years now, it has been just over a year that I have been blogging. In my time in this profession, many people have asked "what exactly do you do?" The truth is the answer varies based upon the client and their specific needs.

A few of the scenarios:

I have worked for a stay-at-home mom who was super busy taking care of little ones and needed things organized, however, didn't have the time to devote to the projects. The two occasions in which I was hired she was not purging items, simply organizing. We discussed what she had in mind prior to my arrival and I worked alone to put her plan into action bringing along the necessary organization items to complete the projects. {When there are no decisions to be made about purging items, a Professional Organizer can step in and get your organization project done for you.}

Professional Organiziers

On several occasions I worked with another busy mom organizing their playroom and decluttering their basement. Due to the nature of the project and the amount of items that she was going through/purging, we worked side by side to efficiently get the job done. We were able to get garbage to the curb, donations to various organizations and items to their garage for a sale. {When there are decisions to be made about purging/organizing, a Professional Organizer can work along side the homeowner to complete the project.}

One on One Sessions

There have also been a few business professionals that I have assisted in organizing their offices. One professional had the space for her files but hadn't implemented a filing system that worked efficiently for her. We discussed the categories that made most sense for the organization and decided on a color coded system to easily identify different areas of her business. This would make it easy for filing & retrieving documents. {A Professional Organizer can help business professionals in a variety of ways depending on the needs of the professional.}

In addition, I have worked virtually with a woman who was looking for ideas/help in organizing her master closet and linen closet. She provided before photos, along with dimensions of the space. I was able to put together a plan and shopping list to deliver via email. The woman was able to make purchases online at her convenience, as well as organize once the necessary products were received. {A Professional Organizer does not have to live in the same area as a client to provide assistance - a simple plan can be sent electronically, via telephone or video conference.}

Virtual Organization

Getting and staying organized is a task that many feel they should be able to handle, however, there are people who cannot. Or simply do not have the time. For those individuals, there are Professional Organizers.

Curious how Orderly by Danica can help:

  • I allow you to make a financial and time commitment to your organizing project, which means it will actually get done.

  • I will help you identify your organizing goals and offer motivation and support to help you achieve those goals.

  • I will bring expertise and fresh ideas to your situation.

  • I can physically help you declutter and organize which makes the task go that much faster.

  • I can offer support and guidance in making tough decisions about letting go of items.


Ready to organize, give me a call today, 585.749.3493 or email:

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