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Week 38| Family Shoe Storage {And the Endless Options}

Our family loves footwear... shoes, sandals, sneakers, boots.... we've got them all & then some. The issue then becomes storage. I know this all sounds totally ridiculous since I am a Professional Organizer & I often {even in my own world} preach "less is more." However, I LOVE {maybe have a slight obsession} clothing, shoes & accessories and have passed this horrible obsession on to my family. Ooops.

So in our home footwear storage comes in many, many forms... baskets, closets, underbed, cupboard & garage. The placement & storage is truly dependent on who the shoes belong to & how frequently they are used. What we try to avoid is the big pile of shoes left by the door each & every day.

The Cupboard:

Cupboard Storage

This piece is a new addition to our home {my MIL LOVES to purchase/re-finish furniture from the flea market so we are often the lucky recipients of the pieces once she's done}. We decided to use this piece for all the kids shoes that are worn frequently. This way they are available right by the back door but are out of sight - it's perfect.

{This is a great option if you don't have a closet by your back door but have a small space for a cabinet/cupboard}

The Basket:

Basket Storage

We use a small black basket by our back door for shoes that Ben & I use frequently {if the basket starts to overflow the shoes are put away in the coat closet or our bedroom}. While the basket is visible to visitors, it looks neat enough that you don't mind having it out.

{Basket storage is ideal if you are limited on space but need to have shoes contained in a small space.}

The Coat Closet:

There is additional shoe storage in our coat closet {also near the back door}. This is generally shoes that aren't used every day like dress shoes, extra sneakers & winter boats. This location is ideal for footwear necessities that aren't needed frequently but can be found easily when needed.

{If your home has a Coast Closet, it's a great location for footwear that is used less frequently. There are also a number of shoe organizers that can be purchased to accommodate various sized spaces to keep your footwear neat & orderly.}

The Bedroom Closet:

Generally the only bedroom closet in our house that has shoes in it is our bedroom. The only shoes that are kept in it are my dress & casual shoes. Dress shoes are kept neatly on the floor and casual shoes are kept neatly in a wooden crate.

{All your shoes can be stored in your bedroom closet if there is space and there are various shoe organizers available to help contain them}

Underbed Storage:

Underbed Storage

Again, because I have an unhealthy obsession with footwear... our storage options are endless. I have found that the best option for summer footwear storage is underbed storage containers - especially because in WNY summer footwear is so seasonal. However, the access is super easy & convenient. No worries about switching shoes out of spaces with the seasons.

Miscellaneous Storage:

Boot Storage

And what is a sandal obsession without a boot obsession to follow for fall & winter... they are stored in the extra room off our bedroom either hanging or neatly standing with fillers to hold their shape.

And finally.... all the dirty work boots, rain boots & "play sneakers" are stored in the garage so that the dirt/mud is not tracked into the house.


Still not sure how to get the shoes in your home under control? Give get in touch with me & lets chat. 585.749.3493 or

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