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Week 32| Girls Weekend Guide

It's been a heck of a LOOOONG time since I have been away with my girlfriends for more than one night... and I desperately need it. So a few months back when we decided to purchase more time share points the first thing I did was book a four day getaway with two of my favorite girls. Who doesn't need a break & especially in the middle of the summer?!

But let me tell you it's HARD... especially when you're the mama who is managing all the things, the house, the kids... you know the entire household. It's not nearly as easy as saying "Hey... I am going away on these dates & everyone's covered, right?!" If only it were that simple.

Girls Weekend Away

So let's break it down into a more manageable list so that YOU, too, can plan a hassle free Girls Getaway...

STEP ONE: Hire a Nanny & forget the next however many ## of steps... Buy some wine, pack your bags & RUN! {Just Kidding... sadly, it's not that simple for most of us}

1. Look at the kids schedules for the dates you'll be away. Make sure they have coverage while you're away, as well as rides to/from any events they may have going on. {It is Grandma to the rescue for us to get our daughter to & from swim while Ben is working}

2. Be sure there are food/drinks in the house. {I know if I didn't make sure of this detail my kids would be calling me asking about every meal while I was gone even though their Dad will be home with them, no joke.}

3. Laundry - get the laundry done before you go away, not only for the things you may need to take along but so that those you are leaving behind have all the clean laundry they'll need.

4. Start packing your suitcase & remember if you are only going for a weekend/long weekend - don't overpack. {right, right... so much easier said than done, don't look at my suitcase right now.}

Girls Weekend Essentials

5. Discuss with your girlfriends what food/drinks you'll be taking along for the trip & make the purchases. {We decided that breakfast, snacks & beverages were the essentials to take along - lunch/dinner could be meals out}

6. Depending on the accommodations you've made - you may need to bring along other items. Be sure to determine those details ahead of time. {As our timeshare provides all the necessary items we'll need, linens, towels, beach towels, etc., we're all set in that department.}

7. Decide how you'll be making your get-a-away... via plane, train or automobile - and secure tickets if necessary. If going via car, be sure to have it looked over before your trip. {We're loading up the mom mobile & road tripping it.}

8. FINALLY... determine the departure time & get ready to relax!! {Wine, a good read, good friends - what more could a girl want?!}

What are you waiting for - gather your girls & set aside some time for yourselves and get planning!


PS- It's important to make time for yourself! - check out my blog post about that topic here -

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