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Week 28| Shopping Hiatus Update, Stop Spending & Start Saving

Well, today marks the start of week {4} of my shopping hiatus and I haven't died, thankfully 😩. I have drooled over plenty sale emails, websites & catalogs but not a single online purchase has been made. I'm sure by now our Fed Ex, UPS and mail men think Ben has buried me in the backyard. Seriously?! 😂 I can't believe they haven't sent someone to do a welfare check to make sure I still exist.

Shopping Hiatus

However, I do have one •SMALL• confession, prior to the shopping hiatus Camryn and I had gone swim suit shopping, she informed me that the suits I was trying on were not "mom bathing suits." Whatever that means in a 13 year old's mind?! So I thought better of it & put them back on the rack. A hard pass on those suits as they weren't "mom material" according to my stylist. Since that time I have been searching for a new suit. JCPenney just had a 60% of Fourth of July sale so I decided to take full advantage... a new bikini top, a new tankini and new bottoms. How could I go wrong?! Each piece was originally over $50 and I got 3 pieces for just over the original cost of one!

I thought about this purchase a lot prior to making it. Really. Was this a want or a need? It honestly was essential. We have a trip planned at the end of the month and I have a little getaway with a couple of girlfriends planned the first week in August. Since losing 15+ pounds this year, the suits I had just weren't working anymore and truly needed to be replaced.

As far as making other purchases... it's been a little hard. Those sale emails are SUPER tempting. I keep reminding myself that everything I see are generally WANTS vs. needs. I also think about how much money I'm saving each time I look in my own closet for something similar to what I may have my eye on to purchase... chances are pretty great that I already own something that can work in its place.

Shop Your Closet

Searching Pinterest for outfit ideas is a great way to use items you already have as well, and it costs you NOTHING! {A great way to re-style and bring life back to older items.}

Less is more. It truly makes it easier to get ready when you're not rummaging through loads of clothes. And easier still when it comes to organizing/storing your clothes. I'm slowly getting there - while I use to think an endless wardrobe was essential {or perhaps it's my love of clothes & shopping} I'm quickly learning it's really not true.


Do you struggle with your wardrobe? I would love to help you get it in order. Whether that means adding to it so you have all the basics or paring it down to make it more manageable. The key is to make it simple & functional {and of course, organized.}

Give me a call at 585.749.3493 {or text} or email at

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