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Week 26| Confessions of a Professional Organizer

We all have our things... last week I mentioned that I may be a shopaholic {ok, I am}. I love clothes, accessories and shoes. Ben often tells me that I buy them as if they are disposable. He may be partially correct. I am slightly embarrassed to say that I may have handed down the same behaviors to our children.

And now here we are on a shopping hiatus. Me especially. Today starts week 2. Still no online purchases or in store purchases for that matter. It has been easier than I anticipated, I have been "shopping" in my own closet. And did you know the MORE you own the harder it actually is to get dressed in the morning or to go out in the evening? Choices make it overwhelming. Less truly is more... and actually means simplicity when getting dressed. {Duh, such a simple thing but somehow we all think MORE will make it easier}

My go to with every sale email or a catalog in the mailbox... THINK SIMPLE. Sure I LOVE a good sale but I do LOVE simple {and saving money!}. It's far easier to delete or toss than to temp yourself by looking so naturally that's what I have been doing.

Confessions of a Professional Organizer

So anyways, in an effort to focus my attention elsewhere, I have been on a purging frenzy. Our family shares a lot of their things with us... you know extra dishes... extra books... extra everything that we really don't need but you always feel awful saying no to. Well I have had enough - our cabinets & closets were overflowing with crap we don't need. I am done. NO MORE.

First it was the six million wine glasses that we have. I like to drink wine with the best of them but I generally don't need enough glasses for the entire town. So we boxed up a good selection to ship off to Good Will... along with odd tea cups, plates & vases. The cupboard looks so much better. Then it was on to the cupboard that holds the Pyrex & serving dishes. I am pretty sure they multiplied when I wasn't looking or something? More off to Good Will. The final decision maker when it came to the Corningware & Pyrex -

I only kept those that had lids as it seemed like a logical choice.

My final purge sesh was the BOOKS that my MIL has passed on to me. They have been piling up for years & years, along with my own collection of books. It was so time to make a decision but the GUILT ... yes, even Professional Organizers have to deal with guilt when parting with items. It's a real life thing. But guess what, I am doing it. I have FOUR boxes packed up that I am going to deliver to our local library for their book sale. Those books will go on to enjoy life elsewhere. AND.... I am free of the clutter. {I still feel a tiny twinge of guilt for parting with them, like somehow I had been entrusted with these items and parting with them is somehow sinful. I talked myself off the ledge... it's going to be ok. The books will be ok. My MIL will be ok with my decision to donate them to the library. It's ALL ok. Sigh.... and there is now space again}

Anyone else with me? Do you have a hard time parting with things? Do you think you may need the item again someday? Or it was given to you as a gift so you can't possibly get rid of it? You paid a substantial amount of money for something and feel guilty getting rid of it? There are a whole host of reasons we talk ourselves out of parting with things but the reality is, if it's not serving you or bringing you joy, DO NOT KEEP IT. Purge away, you'll feel lighter & free. Promise.


If organizing & purging doesn't come easy to you, Orderly by Danica can help. Often the help of another individual makes the decisions easier - give me a call today to schedule your session. {In home & virtual sessions are available.}

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