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Week 24|Summer Entertaining Like a Pro

The school year is nearly over!!! Woohooo! Which means it's time for SUMMER. And who doesn't love all that summer has to offer: sunshine, friends, family, backyard entertaining, swimming, backyard fires with s'mores... all the things.

And it doesn't need to be hard and/or stressful but it's important to get your backyard in order now for a super fun filled summer.


If you haven't already, now's the time to get out to the gardens, patio & deck. Take a quick look around. Pull those unwanted weeds. Sweep/blow off the patio. Freshen up the mulch in those flower beds. Pull out & scrub down that patio furniture. Once you've taken care of the basic maintenance, it makes preparing for guests all summer super simple.

Patio Furniture


The most important factor to consider when entertaining in the summer... the weather forecast. Will you require a tent for shade or perhaps shelter from rain? What time of day are you entertaining? Will you be entertaining under the hot scorching sun with zero shelter or natural shade? Then umbrellas and/or tents are essential. You want to make sure your guests are comfortable.

If entertaining in the evening, how is the lighting? I know the previous owners of our house did not consider back yard lighting & it's relatively dark out there at night. Garden string lights, lanterns or tiki torches are all great options for lighting.

And how's the decor? Depending on the occasion, you may want to add small little touches to add to the atmosphere. Entertaining around the Fourth of July, perhaps red, white & blue themed items for a little something extra. {You don't need to spend a fortune on these items... the Dollar Store or even the dollar bins at Target are a great place to look!}


Food and beverages often depend on the time of day you're entertaining. Noon time lends itself perfectly to a cookout style menu - burgers, hotdogs, some simple salads & fruit. Perhaps you want to be a little fancier... kabobs are a great make ahead alternative.

If entertaining mid-afternoon, you may be able to get away with snacks, veggies & dip, a fruit tray. Keep it simple. Often the presentation is everything regardless of what you're serving.

And then there are evenings- are you hosting at dinner time? Steak, chicken, the options are endless... {And Pinterest should be your best friend. It will make your life super easy. Look for options that can be prepped ahead. Here are two of my favorite Boards: Summer Entertaining and Easy Summer Meals}

Finally- don't forget the beverages. Whether we are entertaining or not, I like to have plenty of beverages on hand in the summer. Water, juice boxes, soda, wine & other various alcoholic drinks... a little something for all the ages. {We generally plug in the garage fridge & stock it up for summer so there's never a question about drinks if we're entertaining.}

Element Mixers

Honeygirl Gourmet

If you are looking for the perfect summer mixers, dressings & more - I highly recommend checking out Honeygirl Gourmet in Geneseo, NY (or online). The owner, Alyssa Cope, is always adding new inventory. I recently purchased Element Shrub Mixers that sound absolutely amazing... Not only can they be used for drinks, they can also be used for cooking! Check out the recipes for the Lemon Mint Shrub here - and there are more! Who doesn't love a multi-purpose mixer? {It also makes a great hostess gift if you're heading to a party!}


I have to confess that I often by disposable table cloths when entertaining in the summer rather than using linens. It just seems easier as far as clean up at the end of the gathering to be able to scoop it up & toss it rather than having to worry about more laundry. The same goes for utensils, plates, cups & napkins - disposable all the way. The best part of summer entertaining is the ease of it... so why not keep it going with all the supplies.

Blankets are handy for chilly evenings or for friends/family with little ones who may want to be on the ground.

And... if you're entertaining & own a pool/hot tub or live near the water - you know the need for beach towels exists. I know many guests tend to bring along their own but it's important to have a clean stash just in case.

Beach Towels

Happy Summer & Entertaining!


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