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Week 23| A Saturday Morning Routine to Improve Your Weekend

Weekends are tough! They are suppose to be all about relaxation & fun after a long week of work and carting kids around... but then there are all the chores and things lying around from the week. And unfortunately for most of us there is no magical cleaning fairy swooping in to make it all better.

So I thought I would share my little routine that has improved our weekends in hopes that it will do the same for you!

Saturday Morning Routine

The top secret to this routine, being organized. Everything MUST have a place. It will make your life and the Saturday morning routine that much easier.

I'm an early riser and tend to roll out of bed by 6 or 6:30 on Saturday. And like any morning, it starts with COFFEE. Give me all the coffee & then I'll get moving.

Friday evenings are typically dinner out or ordering in... I have adopted a "No Cook Friday Rule" {unless I feel like breaking it}. So that means the kids lunch dishes & any other dishes from the evening are still in the sink in the morning. I also do not stress about picking up on Friday evenings, it's more anything goes after a long week so Saturday mornings kinda look like a frat house around here {and that's ok}.

The routine goes like this:

  • Dishes {load & run dishwasher}

  • Clean kitchen sink

  • Pick up & put away items on kitchen counters

  • Wipe down kitchen counters

  • Clean up back entry/pick up shoes

  • Start laundry

  • Sweep/vacuum

  • Dust

  • Make beds {change sheets weekly, launder quilts/coverlets bi-weekly}

  • Put laundry away {that has accumulated from the week}

  • Clean bathrooms {I'm in charge of downstairs bathroom, kids are in charge of upstairs}

All of these chores can be completed in less than two hours {and our house is not exactly small}. Again, the key is knowing where all your items need to be put away and being able to quickly go through to clean. By 8 or 8:30 am, I'm able to hop in the shower and get ready for the day and our house is all in order for the rest of the weekend.

This plan is especially great with the nice weather here and being able to get outside! No more worries about when you'll get everything all done. Up and at it early in the morning to make for a great weekend. Promise.


Need help getting organized or getting a routine in place - Orderly by Danica can help. Call today at 585.749.3493 or email

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