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Week 22| Suddenly Seeking Summer Activities

The school year is nearing the end... for all of us parents, we are suddenly seeking summer activities. It starts when they are about three years old and really, does it ever end?!

We live in a world where we need to make sure our kids aren't "too bored" and are super scheduled. But do we? Trust me, I've been just as guilty as the next parent until I realized that the constant meltdowns trying to get from one activity to the next just wasn't worth it for our kids.

With that said, over the years, our schedules have somewhat lightened up. Our summers aren't overbooked running from one thing to the next... {Although, again, it would be SUPER easy given all the choices available.} Now it's more about a camp or activity per week, followed by some down time. It's a beautiful thing.

Summer Schedule

{Our kids are also older with different interests which has changed things a bit. One child would like to work with his dad while the other would be content lounging in the pool or on the porch all day if we'd let her. It's a fine balance... We'd like them to be active & still be kids.}


SO... for any local friends still seeking out activities for their kids, here are a few {as hyperlinks w/links and/or forms}:


The Smith Family Review of Some of the Above Activities:

Summer Rec:

Our kids have sadly outgrown the beloved summer rec program. Who doesn't love sending their kids off for hours of good active fun each morning, only to pick up their tuckered out little souls at 1 p.m.? It makes for a relatively easy afternoon - some swimming to cool off, followed by some down time = perfection! {and it's SUPER budget friendly!}

Theatre Camp:

If you've got a child who LOVES the stage, this camp is for them! Bettina & Chandra have magical skills, seriously! You'll be wowed when you see what your child learns in one short week, along with their peers, as they do their final performance of the week. Amazing!

SUNY Camps:

Our son has done the basketball camp for several years but alas has aged out. He truly enjoyed the years he was able to participate & we would encourage those with young boys to try it out!

{Our daughter is anxiously awaiting the volleyball camp this July!}

Competitive Edge Basketball Training:

There is no question that basketball is the sport of choice for our son & Josh Harter has definitely made a difference in his game. Brennan has participated in several of Josh's training sessions & camps, and is looking forward to this summer's as well. This is NOT your average basketball camp. If you have a son/daughter looking to improve their game, we HIGHLY recommend Josh's training.

ArtSmart Studio:

Have a little artist? Jill offers super fun art camps in the month of August. Our daughter has LOVED art classes & camps that Jill has offered. It's always something different and fun!


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