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Week 17| Q&A with Carole Volpe of Hudson Street Studios • Essentials of a Family Photo Shoot •

A couple weeks ago I shared a post about local women in business and all they have to offer. This week's post is featuring one of those women, photographer Carole Volpe of Hudson Street Studios. If you haven't heard of her or seen her work, you'll want to check her out! Amazing talent is truly an understatement.

Carole & Hudson Street Studios are located in Avon, New York. Carole is a photographer who LOVES seeking out new adventures for fun-loving sessions and weddings. She enjoys traveling to new places, art, photography, music, creating things, learning new things, the smell of wet stone after it rains, dark roast coffee, red wine, craft brew, NFL football, HGTV and much more!

She is a native of Corning, NY, an area rich with creativity and the arts. Carole graduated from Geneseo and eventually went on to study at The School of the Museum of Fine Arts (SMFA) in Boston. Although her creative career began in Corning, it was not long after that she decided it was time to experience something more and moved to the big city of Boston, Massachusetts. Carole now calls Upstate NY and the beautiful Rochester/Finger Lakes Region home, and is a mom to 4 awesome boys.

I am not sure about the rest of you but I ALWAYS struggle when it comes to planning family photos. What is everyone going to wear, where are we going to do the photos... the questions are endless. And even after I have decided on outfits, I still question my choices. It's so stressful and overwhelming. Carole & I have taken a little Q&A approach to take some of the stress out of planning. {Her answers are so simple & straightforward I want to plan photos for tomorrow.}


Q: When planning a photo session, how much time is needed?

A: Normally 2-3 weeks is ideal - It gives time to plan and shop for outfits, decide on a location. (It can certainly be planned in less time)

Q: With a family photo session, how do you advise clients to dress? Do you have a certain pattern you would steer clients away from?

A: I get asked this question a lot - What should we wear? I always try to have my clients think about staying with 3 main colors - Maybe one is blue denim, then choose 2 other colors let's say green and beige. Now that you have the color palette, coordinate prints, solids and patterns with their 3 dominant colors. Maybe women add a fashion scarf for color.

If it is an extended family session - where the family will be photographed as a large group, as well as in smaller groups - such as grandparents with grandkids, adult siblings, etc., think about those combinations - you don't want everyone in the photo to have paisley shirts for example.

I also try to encourage looking at Pinterest for color combinations. I have a family photo session board on my Pinterest for them to look at for inspiration.

{Check out Carole's Pinterest boards here - Family and Kids/Family.}

Q: What colors work best for a Spring Photo Session?

A: I think most color combinations work for sessions in general.

Q: When scheduling a session, do you leave location up to the client or is it a joint discussion/decision?

A: Normally it is a joint discussion. Many time families have property that they invite me to come and shoot on. Or we decide on an open location that allows us to shoot there - a park, school, etc.

Q: As a photographer, do you favor traditional shots with everyone posed or a more interactive shoot with a variety of traditional & candid shots?

A: As a portrait photographer - I am constantly looking for "moments", little interactions between people that aren't posed. Those are the special shots I strive to get. I chase kids around and wait patiently. I've ruined so many pairs of jeans crawling around in dirt and grass {LOL}. But it's worth it. I take traditional group photos as well especially large extended family photos.

Q: How do you deliver the final products to your clients? Do you offer a digital version of the images?

A: My clients have choices when it comes to final products. I offer digital files, I also design photo albums of their session filled with their favorite shots. I also offer prints or wall art such as canvas wraps for your home. I cannot stress enough how important it is to print your images and display them I have many clients who order the digital files and never print them.


Looking to schedule your family photos? Carole would love to hear from you.

Carole Volpe

184 Spring Street

Avon, New York 14414


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