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Week 16| Moving? - The Best Advice If You're Thinking About Selling

Spring is a popular time for those thinking of listing their homes and moving. This week I have teamed up with Renee Book, Associate Broker at A.B. Cole Real Estate in Geneseo, New York.

Renee moved to Geneseo from Michigan as a child. She studied Interior Design at Mercyhurst University and proceeded to work in the furniture and design industry for several years. Passionate about design & renovation as well as the community she grew up in, the switch to Real Estate was a natural fit. For 14+ years she has developed a reputation for protecting her clients' interests while always being honest and straight-forward. Renee also loves showing clients the best Livingston County has to offer.

Renee's background lends itself as an easy fit for assisting clients in getting their homes ready to sell. She has an eye for details and knows exactly what buyers do & do not want to see when going through a home.

Thinking of selling your home? Here is some great advice from Renee to get your home ready to list:

  • Curb appeal (the first thing potential buyers see when looking at your home is the outdoors. Freshen up the mulch, plant some flowers, remove any debris & garbage, have an inviting entrance)

  • Declutter living areas and bedrooms (including closets to give the illusion of larger spaces)

  • Depersonalize your space (potential buyers want to be able to imagine your home as their own - remove all items from your refrigerator door, clear off your counter tops to give the appearance of a larger space, put away some of your framed family photos & personal items, etc.)

  • Repainting, use neutral colors

  • Touch up scuff marks on walls/molding

  • Fix loose handles/replace light bulbs (when potential buyers see minor issues, they start to think there may be bigger issues)

  • Add plants indoors (creates a welcoming environment)

  • Smell test (potential buyers do not want to smell pet smells or other smells when entering your home)

  • Cleanliness, inside & outside your home (kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms, windows, doors, garage doors, etc.)

  • Depersonalize kids rooms (while it is nice to have themed or brightly colored rooms for our children, not all potential home buyers have children)

  • Excess furniture (if your home has excess furniture and appears over crowded because of it, it may be beneficial to put furniture in storage temporarily)


While the above list may seem overwhelming, there are professionals who can help you cut the time it takes to get your home ready to sell:

Professional Organizer: can help you declutter, depersonalize and pre-pack to prepare your home to sell.

Professional Home Cleaning Service: can complete a thorough cleaning of your home of ALL the spaces which will make it easier for you to manage going forward in between showings, open houses & the final sale.

Professional Carpet Cleaners: if you have carpets that could use a little refreshing but don't have the budget to replace them, consider having your carpets professionally cleaned.

Professional Painters: need to go neutral or otherwise just touch up some scuff marks/molding, hire a professional who can handle all the details for you.

Contractor/Handyman: A list of items in need of repair? Buyers will notice those things, hire a contractor or handyman to take care of those issues prior to listing.

Professional Landscaper: Curb appeal matters, if you don't have the time or energy to spend sprucing up the outdoors, consider hiring a landscaper to freshen up your landscape. First impressions matter.

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