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Week 11| FREE Organizational Tools & Resources for Preschool/Elementary Teachers

I am SUPER excited to be sharing a website that was shared with me by a fellow Chic Ambassador*, Jennylynn Adleta. A website FULL of resources for teachers (and parents) that offers FREE printables. In a world where everything costs something - how nice to be able to have something for free! Especially for teachers - who give so much of their time & energy (and often their own money) to our children already! {ok, perhaps this is not completely free when you factor in paper & ink but you get my point}

All Kids Network

The website is and you can also find them on Facebook at Be sure to like their Facebook page & you can also subscribe to the AKN newsletter on the home page of their website!

{Jennylynn Adleta is the Social Media Strategist for All Kids Network, managing the social media sites for AKN.}

Roots to grow, wings to fly

Sure we are already in to March... but we still have April, May & June (if you are here in WNY) to utilize these new resources AND/OR tuck this little link into your electronic library to use over the summer months to access resources to help your students stay fresh over summer recess and for next school year. The possibilities are endless and new materials are always being added so be sure to check back frequently!

What I really LOVE about the website are the organizational tools & teacher resources such as calendars, sticker charts, various lined paper, graphic organizers, etc. However, there are also crafts, worksheets and activities for kids. All of these great resources in one place for FREE! Perhaps you need a new coloring sheet or craft for the upcoming St. Patrick's Day holiday.... you can find one here!

I have to say that as a mama I would have LOVED to have this resource when my kiddies were little. We (at least Camryn and I) loved to craft and color when she was little. This website has countless craft ideas & coloring pages. And... lined paper & blank calendars, favorites of hers to "play school" when she was younger (although not obtained from this particular site). There are even flash cards if you have toddlers/preschoolers!

St. Patrick's Day Crafts

{Wondering what All Kids Network is About?: Can you imagine a time when Pinterest didn't exist? It's hard to imagine but there was a time. All Kids Network (AKN) was started in 2006 as a resource for parents, teachers, homeschooling networks.... basically anyone with a connection to children needing educational resources or craft ideas. A Pinterest of sorts for it's time. {To give you an idea, Pinterest was only created in March of 2010.} Today, All Kids Network is widely used throughout the U.S., Canada and also very popular overseas and in remote areas that do not have access to traditional educational resources. AKN website is used on a daily basis by stay at home moms of preschoolers, elementary teachers, homeschooling families, resource teachers in Children's hospitals all over the world, as well as across the globe and to as far as a remote school for girls in Liberia. AKN worksheets have helped individuals who are learning to speak English as a second language, along with enhancing traditional learning tools with some original craft ideas and themed worksheets that can't be found or purchased from your every day teacher stores. AKN provides unique, original worksheets and coloring materials that can be paired nicely with lesson plans and classroom themes. ALL OF THIS FOR FREE!}

Enjoy & Happy Planning!



*As Chic Ambassadors, Jennylynn & I were selected by Rachel Hollis {of the The Chic Site} last summer to help promote her recently released book "Girl, Wash Your Face." We were able to chat online via Facebook in a private group set up by Rachel's team & recently met in person at the Launch Party in Pittsburgh. {Have I ever mentioned that I LOVE meeting new people?!?}

Anyways.. If you haven't read this book yet, Jennylynn & I STRONGLY suggest driving on over to your local Barnes & Noble or Target to purchase it OR download it NOW on Audible {to listen to Rach, herself, read it to you!} or your Kindle to start reading it today! You WILL not be disappointed. We promise!*

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