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Week 10| The To-Do List & Secrets to Checking Things Off

Do you struggle to remember all the tasks you need to get done? Do you write them down on a to-do list and then fail to check anything off? The good ol' fashion to-do list can be a tricky thing but so often necessary.

To Do List

I use a to-do list often as I juggle so many roles• mom/wife • office assistant to my husband's landscape business • my paralegal work • etc. With all these roles, there are plenty of to-dos to go around. And I would like to think I have a stellar memory, however, I would rather jot things down than forget them.

So ... the basics of preparing & completing your to-do list, keep it concise & schedule time into your day/week to get those tasks completed. Here's a little step by step to make it happen... after all, what good is the list if you accomplish NOTHING?!

1. On a blank piece of paper do a little "brain dump" - this would be all the things that need to get done, in all areas.

2. Once you've made your list, prioritize the tasks. Does it need to be done today, tomorrow, next week or later? And plan accordingly. Also consider whether it's a task that is reoccurring or whether once you've completed, it will be removed from your list.

3. Look at your calendar for the day/week/month. How does your to-do list fit in with your normally scheduled life?

4. Now, with your calendar in front of you, SCHEDULE in time for the tasks on your to-do list as if they were appointments.

5. Finally, it's important to complete the tasks as you've scheduled them in order to be able to check them off your list. Don't fall into the trap of "oh... I'll do that tomorrow...." or that to-do list will just keep growing.

Steps for Making Your List

Of course there are all sorts of fancy note pads you can use to make your lists & I can't help myself when it comes to purchasing such things. Silly, right?!, when you can just use a blank sheet of paper but what fun is that? We all know a to-do list is always better if it has a little box to check off once the task is complete.

{Here are a couple of FREE downloads to start your lists....

But.... I get it... there are some who are over paper and would much rather use electronic to-do lists/note keepers. I have heard great things about Trello and Wunderlist. The best part, each can be used on your desktop or via an app on your phone so you can have it with you wherever, whenever.

Happy To-Do List Making & Checking Them Off!



Need help organizing your to-do list, determining how best to complete the tasks on your list, implementing an electronic to-do list, whatever your needs, Orderly by Danica can help.

Contact info: or 585.749.3493

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