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NEW YEAR| Week 3. Eight {8} Simple Steps to Purse/Tote Organization

For all the ladies who carry a purse or a tote - this is for you!! It's a new year & time to get organized. Dump that thing out & let's start fresh. What's your current purse/tote organization style? Throw it all in? Or coordinating pouches to organize all the essentials? If you are a "throw it all in" type, I strongly encourage you to purchase some small coordinating pouches to organize your things. It makes locating items so much easier. {Not to mention if you are a frequent purse/tote swapper like me, it makes swapping extremely simple!}

Purse Organization

Let's get started:

Step One: DUMP your purse/tote out! Flip that thing upside down & get everything out.

Step Two: PURGE all the trash that has collected. Wrappers, old receipts that aren't needed for tax purposes, old tissues, whatever else may be in there.

Step Three: If you aren't currently a "pouch user" - divide up all the items in your purse/tote into categories that can easily be organized into pouches. {think medications; makeup; feminine products; etc.} And purchase those pouches!


If you are a currently a "pouch user" - DUMP them out & start fresh. Is there anything in there that shouldn't be?

Step Four: Your WALLET... yep, dump it. What's inside it? Perhaps a load of change weighing you down? Relocate all that change to the change jar. Credit cards? Let's start the year fresh - put those credit cards away so you aren't tempted to use them on frivolous purchases. {Whatever "away" means for you... I once froze mine in a bowl of water in the freezer to avoid using them. No joke!} Lots of store rewards cards? Punch a hole in them & keep them on a key ring (if you don't already have the key ring version - they'll be right at your fingertips the next time you need them.)

Step Five: It's flu & cold season... TISSUES & HAND SANITIZER. Make sure they are in your purse/tote! {along with a little zip lock bag for used tissues}

Step Six: A pen, calendar &/or notepad. For all those important dates & details you don't want to miss. {I record everything on my paper calendar, as well as my digital calendar}

Step Seven: Children? Perhaps you are still in the thick of raising little people that need to busy when you are out running around, at dinner, etc. Make up a little pouch just for them. A few crayons, small coloring pad, stickers, mini etch-a-sketch, or other fun size toys. And snacks! You always need snacks... fruit snacks, pretzels, animal crackers - whatever it is - have them! {My kids are nearly 15 and 13 and I still make sure I have snacks!!}

Step Eight: Put it all back together & VOILA, a new year and a freshly organized purse.

Organized Purse

Not sure where to purchase pouches? Check out Target, Wal-Mart, Marshalls or the like. Need help organizing or have other questions? Contact me at

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