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NEW YEAR| Week 2. Post Holiday Wardrobe Organization

wardrobe organization

It's a NEW YEAR, the holidays are behind us and surely you've received gifts of clothing. It's time to go through the wardrobe! What will you keep; donate & purge? Don't stop there, go through your PJs, undergarments & socks. Have they seen better days? Trash them & replace with new.

{I mean, really, imagine getting into a wreck and having a paramedic having to see your socks with holes, or WORSE... an ill fitting bra from ten years ago?! Not that you would be thinking about that in that moment but put yourself in that place... now what needs to go?}


Now that you are ready.... here are some questions to ask yourself to make the wardrobe review more productive:

  • Have I worn it in the last 12 months?

  • Will I ever wear it again?

  • Does it fit?

  • Is it in style and/or represent my style?

  • Is it damaged in any way and/or is it worth repairing if it is?

  • If shopping at this moment, would I buy it?

  • Do I feel amazing when I wear it?

Chances are if you've answered NO to any of those questions, it's time to part ways with the item.


Don't worry.... you aren't alone. We have gone through the same exercise at our house. I started with two drawers of Ben's while he sat comfortably on the bed {Lord knows it would have never been done had I waited for him to do it on his own...} and I held up each item. Ben's response to everything in those two drawers "I haven't wore any of that stuff in at least a year, donate it all." Ha, that was painless! And sadly doesn't even put a dent in what is still left in another dresser or his portion of the closet.

Before I could even start Camryn's closet, she informed me that she had already gone through things on her own. The result: a small bag of items that weren't worth donating or passing along and a HUGE bag of items to donate. She neatly organized everything that was remaining by category: pajamas; jeans; leggings; workout clothes; long sleeve shirts; short sleeve shirts; dresses; and sweatshirts. {and of course, was SUPER excited to show me what she had done, she may be my child?!}

As for the 14 yr old boy... well, he needs a little hand holding when it comes to these tasks. He's like his Dad, it's just not a top priority. My biggest problem when going through his things is what to do with the new with tags items that he is never ever going to wear. He refuses to wear cargo style pants which is totally acceptable minus the fact that there are like five pairs in his drawer with TAGS!

Organize and purge

I've decided it's not worth holding on to things if no one is ever going to wear or use them. Not to mention it's soooo freeing to take bags & bags of items out of the house! Now if we can just keep things this simple.


How are you doing? In need of a little extra help? Contact Orderly by Danica for a free consult at 585.749.3493 or via email at I provide in home services, as well as virtual organization services.

Local friends - not sure what to do with your items? Check out this previous post on donation sites.

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