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Laundry| the NEVER ending chore.

This week's post is inspired by our new washing machine being delivered this week. Our current washer was purchased in 2006 when we bought our house & it's failing. You know you're getting older when you're excited about a new appliance.

Anyways... there are only four people in our house. However, if you look at the ginormous laundry pile you'd think there were like 20! Insanity. It is seriously never-ending. You may also think that I am the most delinquent mom/wife after seeing the ginormous pile. BUT... I really do laundry every single day. It simply never seems to go away.

Laundry pile

Laundry Rules for Kids

There was a time when I could do a dark load and a light load & the laundry would be complete for the day. Yes, even with four people. Then two of those people grew up. One, a girl, who if she merely tries on a garment of clothing it must be dirty... and a boy who is into sports (well so is the girl but her seasons are shorter than his right now). So now it's pajamas, clothes for the day, sports clothes and more clothes! Not to mention the clothes from Ben and me.

I feel like there is some long lost secret to staying on top of the laundry that I've never been told. Who's with me?! Some would say that the secret is to make the kids do their own laundry but I just can't. I mean they do know how to do laundry, I just feel like it's my job, not theirs. {My mom always did our laundry until we actually wanted to do our own.}

So in order to stay on top of it, the current DAILY laundry system is (at least the following, if not more):

  • Load of kids clothes [darks];

  • Load of our clothes [darks];

  • Load of lights [generally towels/light clothing].

Then there's the weekly load of sheets for 2 full size beds and one king. Oye!

Everyone has their own basket {although I just read plastic baskets should be avoided because they often don't provide enough airflow & ventilation, looks like shopping is in order?!?} All the clothes are sorted, folded and placed in their respective basket when they come out the dryer. Each person is then responsible for putting their own clothes away {unless I am feeling super nice & overly domestic and then I'll do it.} and return their baskets to the laundry room. Sheets/towels are put away immediately after they are folded.

Our biggest dilemma is still that our "laundry room" isn't really a room at all but a closet in our back entry. While I try to make the most of it, I long for the Pinterest worthy laundry room with all the beautiful cupboards & space?! Sighhhhh. There is literally no way to hide the laundry, piles or baskets from our current space. It makes me crazy! It would be slightly better but the kids NEVER throw their clothes in the dirty clothes basket... we're lucky if they even land near the damn basket.

So until the Laundry Fairy comes & blesses me with an amazing laundry room, we'll make the most of what we've got. {I have tried to make it more functional & organized with items from the Dollar Store of all places! See the photo below.}

Dollar Store Laundry Organization

What's your laundry room situation/system? Is it working for you? We would love to hear your tips & tricks!! Or help get a system in place to help you.


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