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A Day in the Life of a Professional Organizer

While I had the greatest of intentions of delivering a post on Office Organization this week, it just didn't come together... I was running in a million directions last week: Monday started out in the office {my other profession as a Paralegal}; followed by an organization session Monday afternoon with a new Mama who wanted to get her home office in order before heading back to work later this month; followed by basketball games during the week for both kids; MORE time in the office while the attorney I work with was enjoying a week away with her family; and I was soooo very close to the end of the week and super excited about an annual holiday shopping date with a friend when I received a call from my parents on Thursday asking if I could accompany them to the hospital on Friday morning for an unexpected angiogram for my Dad.

Suddenly your own heart skips a beat. Oh no... not again?! The poor guy just went through a triple bypass in January. And now more heart issues.

Friday morning it was up & at it early to get myself ready and then the kids. We all departed at the same time, Ben to take the kiddies to school and myself to pick up my parents. We arrived at RGH, checked in and the rest happened all so quickly. Turns out there was scarring in one of the bypasses that was causing a blockage so a stent was placed. It is amazing what they can do and in such a short amount of time. By 5:40 p.m. we were heading out of the hospital WITH Dad and on our way home. AMAZING.

I have to say that sitting around in a hospital all day is exhausting. I truly did start writing the Office Organization post but with my mind wandering in a zillion directions I couldn't focus enough to finish it up. And then there was the Mom guilt about missing both kids basketball games Friday night while I tended to my Dad. However, we are extremely lucky to have parents that jump in at a moment's notice. Ben and his Dad went to Brennan's game and his Mom covered Camryn's game. She also delivered Cam back home after her game which was one less thing I had to worry about.

... and finally, the weekend.... and I have to say that a Professional Organizer's life doesn't look much different from your own:


7:15 Up & out of bed

7:30 Load dishwasher with dinner dishes from night before

7:45 Pick up the kiddies' backpacks, lunch pals, basketball bags, etc...

{did I mention both kids are still in bed at this point?}

8:00 Scrub down sink/toilet/shower in downstairs bathroom

8:30 Check email, online bill paying & COFFEE

8:45 Feed dogs & cats

8:55 Fold Laundry/Start Laundry/Put Towels Away

9:15 Breakfast for Camryn

9:25 Put away coats/vests to empty over-crowded coat hooks by back door

9:35 Make Bed

9:45 Brennan to school for BB practice

10:00 Back home/Switch laundry

10:15 Vacuum downstairs &


10:45 WORKOUT [me time!!]

11:45 Back to school to pick up


12:05 Check in/Lunch with my

parents & kiddies

12:50 Back home/MORE laundry

1:15 Shower, get dressed for day

2:25 Off to Christmas shop with Ben & Camryn

8:00 Arrive back home

8:15 Evening routine {wash face, brush teeth, PJs on}

8:30 Hop in BED and attempt to watch television...

and apparently fell asleep sometime before 9 p.m.

So if my life is so much like yours, you're probably wondering why on earth would you hire me? The answer is simple... many of my clients have been mamas just like us. Running in a thousand directions with a list of a million things to get done, all while taking care of the kiddies, the house, the laundry, their spouse, etc. They see a project in their homes or workspace that they'd love to tackle but they just don't have the time or maybe even the energy. Or maybe they are great at keeping things in order once a system is in place, they just need help getting the system in place. Does this sound all too familiar? Whatever the reason, I LOVE to help.

As the husband at Monday's organization session said "Thanks for making my wife so happy!" It's the little things - an orderly space doesn't just look great, it makes you feel great!

Need some organization in your life? Orderly by Danica offers a variety of services at an affordable price. {now accepting payments via credit card, as well as cash & check} Contact me today to discuss your needs -

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