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Organization Tips for When Your Bathroom has to Serve DOUBLE Duty.

I feel like our family is the only one in America these days that doesn't have a master bath. I know, that sounds overly dramatic but seriously. We moved into our current home in 2006. We were moving from a house in the village that was built in 1843 (yes, you read that correctly) to a house in the town that was built in 1999. While the house we have now is far less maintenance than our old house would have ever been, it still is not our "perfect place." Our "master bath"/only bath downstairs is just outside of our bedroom. Did I mention it's the ONLY bathroom downstairs?! This means that it must serve double duty as our master and guest bath.

Let me tell you that when you know that EVERYONE and their brother is going to be in and out of your bathroom you want it to have some sort of order. You want it to be clean. You don't want wet towels, washcloths and dirty clothes lying all over the place. You don't want your makeup bag strewn about the counter. Or toothpaste stuck to the sink (yes, that can happen with kids in the house). God forbid someone open the linen closet door and only to find a MESS. Are you with me? There is SO much pressure to have a clean and organized bathroom at all times when this is your bathroom situation.

Wait, it gets better... have I mentioned that we also have a teen and a tween in our house? That means that despite our best efforts at getting them to use their own bathroom that is upstairs, we aren't always successful. That when they do use the downstairs bathroom, they tend to leave their stuff EVERYWHERE. After all that's what kids do, right?

Regardless... I carry on and so can you despite this crazy bathroom situation. Here's a simple little checklist of items to ensure a neat & tidy space:

√ First and foremost, make sure the space is clean.

√ Take a few minutes each day to wipe down the counter, sink and toilet.

√ Clean the bath/shower each week.

√ Make sure the trash is emptied at least weekly.

√ Take the time to organize the vanity drawers & cabinet if you have one.

√ Put out fresh towels every few days (no one wants a stinky towel to dry their hands on).

√ Make sure there is EXTRA toilet paper at all times AND replace the empty toilet paper

roll when it runs out. (we keep some in a basket on the back of the toilet, as well

as some in the linen closet.)

√ Wash the mirror - there is nothing worse than a streaky, nasty mirror.

√ And finally, the linen closet... utilize baskets or containers to help manage all the items

inside. Fold your towels neatly. (P.S. It doesn't necessarily have to be Pinterest

worthy but orderly enough that things are accessible and neat.)

Let's face it, our guests are checking these things out whether we want to believe it or not.

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