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Conquering the Mountain of Mail

The mail pile in our home can be overwhelming at times. There is personal mail for our family, along with business mail for Ben and me. That's when I decided that the mail was no longer going to take over a corner of our counter and rule our world.

I decided to put a little system in place that conquers that mail pile before it even starts and you can do the same with these simple steps:

1. Mail arrives in your house from the mailbox.

2. Immediately go through the mail to determine what needs to be kept & what can immediately be shredded.

3. Place all magazines and catalogs in the living room to be viewed at a later time. (a small storage space is perfect for this as it will remind you to purge old magazines/catalogs as new ones arrive)

4. All the monthly bills go in a "Bills to Pay" folder.

5. Other miscellaneous mail that needs to be kept is stowed away in a Magazine File labeled "Mail", along with the "Bills to Pay" folder.

The end result... no piles on the counter! Another added bonus, you can always locate important documents that come in the mail because they are always taken care of as soon as they arrive. No more of that constant shuffle we tend to do when we have no system in place.

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