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Beginners Guide to Donation Sites

Once you have taken the first step of cleaning out and organizing your space, it often leads to this next step…. DONATING. I have been asked countless times about places to donate gently used items when cleaning out/organizing your home. It can be overwhelming if you don’t have an outlet for the items. The last thing we want are boxes or bags of items taking up a newly organized space.

I know that on a personal level we have friends that take our kids hand-me-downs; my sister that often takes my clothes; and for all the rest… a donation shed at a local church because it is most convenient for me as there is no coordinating involved, simply pack up neatly & drop off. We generally don’t have household items that we need to purge so we are safe there. However, we have donated plenty of toys/strollers/etc. to other families we know with little ones.

If you don’t have any friends or family members that can benefit from your donations, you’re in luck. I have compiled a list of local organizations that accept gently used goods. Please note these are only suggestions or a Beginners Guide to Donation Sites (there are plenty of other options available online should you wish to seek out other outlets; or perhaps local churches; shelters; and community outreach centers):


Catholic Charities of Livingston County is a local organization that provides direct assistance to our community. They accept the following gently used donations: small household items (such as lamps, dishes, utensils); children’s clothing; winter coats; hats; gloves; and scarves. Drop off hours are Monday and Thursday: 9am-4pm at the Mt. Morris Office, 34 East State Street, Mt. Morris, NY 14510 or call (585) 658-4466 ext 18.

The Salvation Army is across the US and accepts various donation items which they in turn sell for profit. The proceeds from the donated items help fund the Adult Rehab Centers, which provide substance abusers and others struggling with various forms of life issues the necessary tools to re-enter society and live productive lives. They accept the following items: appliances; automobiles; children’s clothing; furniture; household goods; men’s clothing; and women’s clothing. You can call 1-800-SA-TRUCK (1-800-728-7825) to discuss a free pick up of your clothing, furniture or household items or to find out the nearest drop off location bin.

Dress for Success, Rochester is an organization that takes donations of suits and other professional apparel to furnish another woman with confidence to enter/re-enter the workforce. As such, if you are thinking of donating, kindly donate clean, interview appropriate clothing that is current in style, on hangers and ready to wear to an interview. Dress for Success takes the following donations: seasonless suits and separates; scrubs; professional shoes in sizes 8-13; professional totes/handbags (neutral colors preferred); and jewelry, belts and scarves. Donations in sizes 16 and up are especially needed. To schedule a donation appointment, please call 585-678-1041.

Vietnam Veterans of America accept donated items to help make a difference in the lives of America's Veterans and their families. The items donated are sold to private companies by annual bid which generates the majority of the funding for local, state and national programs of Vietnam Veterans of America. Acceptable items for donations are: clothing of any kind; shoes; accessories; jewelry; house and glassware; books; toys; bikes; stereos; radios; portable TVs; small electronics; and tools of all kinds. There are further instructions available on their website, as well as a link to schedule a pick up.


While researching online I found various places that you can send used books, however, many of us look for places to donate where we don't have to incur an additional expense for getting rid of items. Our local library accepts donations of books and holds a book sale with donated items which raises money to help fund the library and it's programs.

I also have elementary teacher friends who graciously accept elementary level books that our kids no longer read/want to keep. Perhaps you can check with a local elementary school or nursery school for children's books you have to donate.

...and when all else fails, there is always Goodwill and The Salvation Army.


It is important that we don't just toss our unwanted electronics in the trash. However, we all have that electronic grave site in our house so here is a link to a list complied by the New York State DEC of locations to properly dispose of electronic items.

Have other items that you aren't sure what to do with? Contact me via email and I will help:

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