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Tips for an Organized Entry & Command Center

When I think "entry", I think a space that is high traffic and visible to everyone. With that, I want a space that is functional and organized. I have serious ENVY when it comes to entries with built-ins and cubbies. Sadly, our space doesn't lend well to that set up due to limited wall space and entrances into the house so we make due with what we have. Our entry is basically divided up into four corners: the dresser/storage; the bench/shoe storage; coat hooks; and calendar/mail system (a/k/a command center).

Dresser/Storage: It is important for us to have a space to set things down when we come in the house. The dresser pictured in the photo provides great functionality. Not only does it provide a space to drop our things, it also provides storage for dog leashes; winter necessities; and more. The best part is that it is all contained providing a neat appearance.

Bench/Shoe Storage: Who doesn't love a spot to put on and take off there shoes? Let's be honest though, a bench can collect "stuff" so you need to be sure that everything has a place. The baskets are actually from our kids' toddler days and if you were to flip them around you'd see one is embroidered with the word "books" and the other "toys", a sure sign they are repurposed from the playroom (but that's OK, why buy new when you can repurpose the old). Today the baskets provide a great spot to contain the kids shoes so we aren't tripping over them as we come and go.

Coat Hooks: Another important corner in our entry is the built in hooks for coats and bags. It prevents things from being left on the floor or thrown over a counter stool, you all know what I am talking about if you have children. However, in our house there seems to be an abundance of coats and bags which often leads to overflowing hooks. Again, it's having a place for everything. We have a coat closet in our entry as well so coats that are out of season or not being used from day-to-day can be stored out of sight, along with a tote for extra bags that is stored on the top shelf of the closet.

Command Center: And finally... perhaps the MOST important corner in our entry is the family calendar (a/k/a Command Center). Each month I take my personal planner and write out our month on the white board calendar. Each family member has their own color code, as well as a separate color for kids only; parents only; and family. It allows us to include more on the calendar without having to write out names along with the activities. There is also a space for incoming and outgoing mail/papers which helps prevent the dreaded mail pile up on our counter.

Putting together your own entry/command center: While there are literally hundreds of ideas on Pinterest for entries and command centers, it is important to put together what works for your family. The space should be functional and organized to make it easy when you are coming and going. The elements you include may not be what the next family needs and that's ok. You'll also find that some families have their command centers separate from their entry, again, it is about what works for YOUR FAMILY.

For Entry and Command Center Inspiration, check out my Pinterest board at

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