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Week 14|2019: What Are You Willing to Do For a Stress Free Monday {& week}?

As I'm typing this up, it's Sunday and that means the start of another week. Are you a glass half FULL or half empty type? I'd like to think of myself as half full or full. Forget the negative crap, that's just going to drag you down! Especially on Sunday at the start of a new, fresh week.

Stress Free Week

I know Sundays can be overwhelming- most of us just want to lounge around & enjoy the little bit of weekend that's left while the other part of us knows if we take charge and do all the things how much easier the week to come will be.

…. And that's just it. What are you willing to do on Sunday for a stress free Monday & week? If you don’t already have a Sunday routine in place to ease into your week perhaps now is the time to think about it.

Some things to consider when putting together your Sunday routine for a stress free Monday/week would be things that normally have fallen through the cracks or have been overlooked; things you've waited until the last minute to take care of or think about which end up causing you some stress or anxiety because they were forgotten; household chores; groceries; weekly meal planning; schedules of family members for the week; etc. Then get to it.

Our Sundays always include some cleaning/tidying up around the house; finishing up the laundry {for a fresh start for the week}; meal planning; grocery shopping; looking ahead at the week & our schedules to determine who is where & when, rides, etc. Then take a look at what the week's schedule looks like and what can be accomplished on Sunday to make the week less stressful. Our kids take their lunches everyday {well except for Thursdays which is pizza day} so each week we prepare chicken & romaine {chicken caesar salads} for their lunches on Sunday, along with strawberries... then mornings are hassle free. It's the little things that make a big difference. Before heading to bed we tidy up the living room; make sure the kitchen sink is empty; run the dishwasher if necessary; finish any lingering laundry; etc. so that Monday morning is truly a FRESH start. Because who wants to wake up to a mess?!

Mondays are just as important - I generally get up at 5:00 a.m. Have a cup of coffee, fold the last load of laundry, get a workout in and shower all before my people even get out of bed. This allows me to start my week {or day} on the right track even if they do not.

If you are feeling like there aren't enough hours in your day to get things done but you are rolling out of bed at the last possible second - I urge you to try an earlier wake up time and see what it does for your day.


Still not too sure how to ease into your week with less stress? Let's chat. We'll take a look at your typical week and plan accordingly.

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