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Week 1|2019: Logical Solutions for Pet Supply Storage & Organization

In conducting my end of year survey for Blog Post ideas for 2019 I was given countless topics that weren’t necessarily on my radar. The topic of Pet Supply Organization was requested and while we have pets, I guess I never considered how we keep/organize their things. Or how that topic may be beneficial to others so here it goes because their items are just as important as any to keep organized & easily accessible.

We have four pets, two cats & two dogs – however, only the dogs live indoors. The cats are strictly outdoor pets {and sleep in the garage at night}.

{CONFESSION… I am NOT a cat person. I tried really hard to like them as kittens but it was too much of a struggle for me. We got them as teeny tiny kittens at Ben’s request so that they could be mousers, and mousers they are. At the time, our kids were also very small {think toddler age}. We had the kittens in the house for a few nights and their energy level was more than I could handle along with that of two toddlers. So anyways… they were initially confined to the back porch until there were old & safe enough to go outdoors and that’s where they’ve been content ever since.}

Pet Supply Organization

Regardless of their living quarters there is “stuff” for all the pets. We generally keep their supplies where they would most logically be needed and that would be my first suggestion in organizing your pet supplies as well. Here's a glimpse at where we keep things to get you started:

Leashes/Paw Towel, At the Back Door {as that is the door where the dogs leave from to go for walks in our house & would need their leashes, as well as their paws wiped off when returning inside.}

Paw Towel/Treats, At the Front Door {as we own acres & acres of land, our dogs are let out the front door to go to the bathroom on their own rather than having a run or having to walk them. When they return, they are always rewarded with a treat and of course, their paws are always wiped off, thus another towel.}

Toys, Living Room {YES… even dogs need their own little toy box that they can easily access. Of course they don’t pick up after themselves but they need to be able to find their toys when they are bored in order to avoid wrecking other items in the house. Our little doggy toy box is a simple Clementine box that has been upcycled into their toy box. It's the cutest thing when they go digging around to find what they want to play with!}

Dog Food/Extra Treats/Dog Dishes, Kitchen {Because I HATE the way bags of pet food look lying around, we invested into stacking bins for both the dog & cat food to kept tucked away under a small table in our kitchen. The dog food dishes are kept in the same area, while the cats are fed in the garage.}

Dog Shampoo/Nail Clippers, Upstairs Bathroom {As the only bathroom in our house that has a tub is upstairs, that is where the bathing supplies for the dogs are kept as well.}

Extra Pet Food, Back Pantry Closet {Because we do buy larger bags of pet food that do not fit in the containers we purchased, the excess is stored in our back pantry closet.}

Pet Medication, Kitchen Cupboard {Any medications for our pets are kept in their own little box in the kitchen cupboard where our medications are kept. It’s CLEARLY labeled “Pet Meds.” Again, the most logical place in our home to give medication is in the kitchen where are pets are fed.}

Pet Supply Organization does not have to be difficult – in planning where to keep the supplies for your pets, think logical. Look at areas in your house as outlined about and see what makes the most sense for you, your pet{s} and your family.


Still not sure where to start or where to store specific items? I would love to help - I can be reached with questions at

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