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Week 48| How to Beat Pantry Clutter & Save Money

"Oh no... not Sunday…." that feeling you get when you have to make the weekly shopping list & have to think about opening up the pantry to see what you have & what you don't. Yet you go to take a look but there is SO much going on in there you aren't even sure. So you close the door & simply add items to your list that may be lurking in your cupboard just to avoid the search. Does this sound familiar?

The problem is when you don't know what's in your pantry you tend to overbuy. Then you use what you've bought forgetting what may be lost in the deep, dark corners of the pantry only to find later that items have expired. Anyone else guilty of this?!

Pantry Organization

Even the Professional Organizer is guilty of this from time to time. So this weekend I decided to tackle the pantry & get all the things in order. After all, it's good to take a fresh inventory, purge those expired items & NOT be afraid to take a look each week at grocery shopping time. I have to say there were most definitely expired canned goods & other items. Not to mention a disorganized mess of shelves - it's no wonder things couldn't be found.

However, moving forward we will be able to SAVE money by only purchasing those items that we need, rather than purchasing to avoid looking in a messy pantry full of stuff. We will also be more likely to use what is in our pantry prior to purchasing more, also a money saver.

Wondering what items are my favorites for Pantry Organization... check out the links below:

Wire Stacking Baskets

A great way to contain snacks so you can free up space from all the boxes!

Willow Storage Baskets

The perfect catch all for all those little side dish meals - rice, quinoa, etc.

Cereal Storage

Want your cereal to stay fresh? These are the perfect solution!


Is this sounding like something you need to tackle? Here are some easy to follow tips:

1. Purge - often you don't need more space or more storage containers, you need less stuff. Take a look through your cupboards, are there items that you no longer use or serve a purpose? Let them go.;

2. Storage - for all those items you DO need in your kitchen, the proper storage and storage containers are essential;

3. Organization - once you've purged and have the proper storage, organize; and last but not least,

4. Maintenance - once the purging is complete, storage items and space are set and you've organized.... the last step is maintenance. Unfortunately organization doesn't happen on it's own. Continue to purge as necessary and keep things neat, orderly and in their space.


Still not as organized as you'd like to be? Orderly by Danica can help! Call 585.749.3493 or e-mail today!


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