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Week 44| Don't Just Sit There! Start That Teen Bedroom Makeover Now...

I'm sure this is what our teen daughter has been playing over & over in her mind for months now: "Don't just sit there... let's start this makeover!" It's been 7 years since we last painted her room - it was certainly due for an update but the thought of losing the cutesy pink and putting any remaining toys away had me in denial that our baby girl is no longer as young as I'd like to think. {Sighhhh}

Teen Bedroom Makeover

So it started months ago, I tried stalling the process by offering to switch out her Pottery Barn quilt for a gray comforter to make it look more "teen-ish"; followed by new curtains to help tone down the pink... no such luck. She was still pushing for the walls to be painted gray. Especially the wall that she previously wanted to keep that had a fairy mural. Thirteen is much too old and cool for fairy murals {just ask her}.

Fairy Mural

We finally gave in to painting and debated about what color gray it was going to be. That took forever 🙄. My best advice, don't leave the options up to the teen. It was going to be dark, no... it's going to light. Oh my gooood heavens, pick a color already.

I initially started the painting before we went away in October, however, my work schedule has been crazy! Along with the kids schedules, etc. Trying to find chunks of time to paint is nearly impossible.

This past weekend was it - it needed to all come together. Our weekend was relatively free and there was so much painting to do. 😖 Because we thought pink on pink stripes was a great idea previously, everything had to be primed, followed by two coats of paint. {Despite my best efforts to leave the stripes as an accent wall, she decided she was completely done with pink walls.} Have I mentioned I don't really love to paint!? Thankfully my parents & my MIL all came to my rescue & helped. Teamwork made Camryn's dream work 😂. {In all seriousness, I'm forever grateful to parents and in-laws who are willing and always available to help with anything ❤}

Before/After Makeover

Once the painting was complete, it was putting everything back together. This part goes much smoother if everything is relatively organized prior to painting. And that it was... the closet was recently cleaned out {and clothes that were too small were donated}; she recently acquired a new-to-her dresser that she had an idea to put baskets in for "drawers" {otherwise a couple drawers would have had to be rebuilt. I love the way it turned out!}; her cozy little TV corner that includes her hammock chair {that is generally a fixture on the front porch in the summer but has to come in during the winter}; her built in shelves all neatly organized; and her makeup/toiletries all set out neatly on her 'makeup cart.' I may have bedroom envy! 🤔

Ahhh... to be a teen again! Now really, don't just sit there?! They won't be around home for much longer. Let them love their space while they're still home ❤.

Painting 101 - Tips

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