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NEW YEAR| Week 6, FIVE {5} Reasons to Get Your Colors Done

About six years ago a few girlfriends & I went for a color analysis to celebrate the birthday of our friend, Kate. I honestly had no idea what I was getting myself into. I was 34 {ahh, to be that age again....} and I had NEVER heard of a color analysis before. I went online and read up on all the info. I was in! I LOVE clothes and shopping... if it meant that I could by clothes, in colors meant for ME, that wouldn't sit in my closet, what was there to say no to?!

It was appointment day and we arrived at Indigo Tones with our snacks & wine to be greeted by our Color Analyst/Stylist: Kerry Jones. She made us feel completely relaxed and explained every last detail as she went through the process. Not only did she determine our colors, she helped to asses our style, as well as the most appropriate makeup colors for our skin tone so that we could look and feel our best. Finally, she explained what type of jewelry would look best on each of us based upon our swatches (turns out GOLD is really not for me, even though I still wear it occasionally.) Not only would we look and feel our best, we would save money while shopping for clothes and makeup in the future by only choosing those items that are most appropriate based upon our color swatch.

Why didn't someone tell me about this sooner?!?

Danica Finocchario-Smith, PO

There are TWO things that really stuck with me that day:

1. Kerry mentioned that after we received our swatch we should take a look through our wardrobes and see what clothes we wear least. She said most often the pieces we would pass up were not in our color tones. This is not to say that you can't wear colors outside of your swatch or that you have to ditch those items in your wardrobe but it is most certainly an eye opener.

2. While reviewing makeup colors & tips, Kerry stated that the look I should be going for is that of "Snow White." You can imagine my reaction... I was 34. Me, Snow White?! Yes, my hair is dark; yes, my skin is lighter; yes, my eyes are green (so again, lighter) but Snow White? Kerry explained that pale pink or light/pearly-ish white eye shadow is what would bring out my eyes; that PINK blush was the ticket {I had been using a bronzer, so not the right thing for my skin tone, whoopsy!}; that I should be wearing PINK lipstick {I balked like a baby chicken and eventually made the switch, what a difference it has made}; and the absolute WINNNNING tidbit for any and ALL ladies which I had never done before that day almost six years ago, FILL IN YOUR EYEBROWS. And Kerry sells an eyebrow wax that makes this task SUPER easy & natural looking. This my friends, completes your look! If you do nothing else, fill in your brows.

{Wondering what my color analysis results were?! COOL WINTER. The dominant characteristic of this seasonal tone is cool and the secondary's are bright & dark. I was thrilled to know that I could still wear black & white, and have happily added pink, blue toned reds and darker cobalt & royal blues. (This is NOT to say you can't wear colors outside of your season.) Curious about the other seasons, you can check them out here.}

So you can imagine how it suddenly all came together for this small group of ladies on this one day six years ago, right?!

You are probably thinking this sounds a little over the top. Or maybe like it's not worth the investment in your world. I can honestly say it is worth EVERY. SINGLE. PENNY. {And YOU are worth the investment.}

Here are FIVE reasons why a COLOR ANALYSIS is worth the investment:

1. To make shopping a breeze {Do you struggle with shopping? This will simplify the process in that it will allow you to choose the colors that will look most amazing on you! Kerry sends you on your way with a swatch in your seasonal tone that you can easily slip in you purse!}

2. To determine the colors that will look the best on you. {And yes, your friends & family will notice the changes!}

3. To determine makeup colors & tips just for you {Who doesn't want a brighter face/look?}

4. To look & feel your best! {after all, YOU deserve it!!}

5. To save MONEY! {by buying only those colors that harmonize with you}


You're probably wondering how this all relates to ORGANIZATION... after all, that's what I am, a Professional Organizer. It allows you to keep a wardrobe of functional pieces in YOUR colors. It allows you to SAVE time while getting dressed each day by having items you know will work for you. {A functional wardrobe in colors that look amazing on you & less time to get ready?! That's essential for every busy women.}

Still not sure about all this? I STRONGLY encourage you to take a look a Kerry's website, Indigo Tones and reach out to her if you have more questions {or would like to schedule your own color analysis.}

{DISCLAIMER: This is NOT a paid post, simply my opinion on a service provided by Kerry Jones of Indigo Tones, Pittsford, New York.}

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